New release on Barefoot

from Thou Sonic Friend

On December 1st, 2023, Thou Sonic Friend will release their new album, Aventure, on the Barefoot Records label. The Copenhagen experimental trio whose debut album Cinemateria was released in 2019, features Barefoot member Carolyn Goodwin on clarinet and bass clarinet, along with Peter Tinning on guitar, and Birgitte Lyregaard on vocals and percussion. The album is a live recording of the trio in concert with special guest Toma Gouband during the Danish Winter Jazz Festival in 2022. Toma Gouband is a French master improviser known for his iconic ‘arranged drumset,’ that includes an assemblage of materials from the natural environment. Stone is struck against stone to create insistent polyrhythmic cycles, with Gouband evoking a sense of primordial timelessness, around which the trio weaves their telepathic interplay.

Aventure serves as a continuation of the manifesto that underlies Thou Sonic Friend’s unbridled approach to improvisation; everything is allowed, and therefore anything can happen.