In september Barefoot Records member, Maria Dybbroe, went to Warsaw with Jazz Denmark. The meeting is focusing on creating a continued collaboration between the polish and danish jazz scene.

Background for Danish Polish Jazz Network

It is said to be the interplay between the Danish focus on individual artistic expression and

the Polish tradition of high-skilled mastery of one’s instrument that forms the basis for one

of the most vital transnational jazz connections in Europe. Danish-Polish exchange in

specifically the jazz scene has its roots in the ’60s and ‘70s, with Krzysztof Komeda’s Henning

Carlsen scores and Tomasz Stanko’s love for the vibrant scene of Montmartre.



Since 2004, when Poland was accepted into the European Union, thus opening the

possibilities for easier participation in exchange programs, a considerable amount of Polish

musicians have been studying at the Danish conservatories. They have been forming bands

together with their fellow Danish students, building careers and lives in Denmark, yet still

kept their connection to their Polish roots, and today, the Danish-Polish musicians are a

definite and considerable part of the Danish jazz scene. They tour both countries and maketheir own festivals, and each year the conservatories see new highly skilled musicians

applying for spots, wanting to take part in the exchange.



The Danish Polish Jazz Network is happening each year from 2022 to 2025 consisting of a

project bridge seminar and formalized networking, aiming to further the possibilities of

collaboration between Denmark and Poland. In 2022, the trade mission took place during

the 2022 version of the festival Polish Danish Jazz Days and consisted of 30 industry

professionals from Poland and Denmark. This year, the project focuses on the jazz

environment of Warsaw and how we can build a network and future projects between the

Danish jazz environment and the one in Poland specifically Warsaw.