Barefoot Records: Nej, så vil jeg sgu hellere høre Hvide Måge!
– VinterJazz Festival at Råhuset 2015 –

When the musician’s collective Barefoot Records ask what people what they think about their music the answer is: “No, I will damn rather hear The White Gull”. Barefoot Records will now allow the people to contribute in shaping the content of the collective’s spectacular four-day mini festival at Råhuset.

– Take your own improvisation home from the ”pick & mix jazz kiosk”.
– Control the musicians’ improvisations with your own moves in the ”STASI-jazz-zone”.
– Meet the orchestra of self-playing instruments .
– Design your own LP cover.
– Activate “The White Gull”.
– And much more!

Besides these activities, there will be a number of ad-hoc concerts in both large and small constellations around in the house. You will be taken deep into the dark nooks of improvised music and experience new and fearless composed music.

Barefoot Records is a musician’s collective and record label consisting of 9 musicians from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland and Estonia. Since its inception in 2006 Barefoot Records has been releasing a steady stream of critically acclaimed albums and making its mark as an important concert organizer on the vital Copenhagen jazz and improv scene. The collective involves improvising musicians and composers who freely move in and out of free improvisation, jazz and contemporary music.

Onkel Dannys Plads 7
1711 København V


February 18th – February 21st

Doors open at 20:00
Doors close at 02:00



Adults: kr. 100,- per night
Children & students: kr. 75,- per night
Partoutcard to all 4 evenings: kr. 250,-
You can also pay with time to our time bank.



The concerts are sponsored by …

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