The Strangement Society – Radio Pulsars
Radio Pulsars is Miguel Crozzoli’s third piece from the ‘SCI Music series’: a project that seeks to unveil a musical landscape centered on groundbreaking scientific discoveries. In this specific composition, sounds and concepts from scientific data are performed by a 13 piece ensemble called The Strangement Society. As a result, a poetic journey takes place towards one of the wildest and most fascinating truths of the universe.

Line-up and credits
Miguel Angel Crozzoli – conduction & composition
Valeria Miracapillo – electronics
Susana Nunes – voice
Barbara Kammer – viola
Ida Nørby – cello
Aurelijus Užameckis – double bass
Asger Thomsen – double bass
Albert Cirera – soprano saxophone
Jonas Engel – clarinet
Calum Builder – alto saxophone
Nana Pi – tenor saxophone
Jon Sensmeier – tenor saxophone
Sara Bulili – bassoon

Recorded & mixed by Simon Wetterstrøm Mariegaard
Mastered by Sam Nacht
All compositions by Miguel Angel Crozzoli
Artwork by Miguel Angel Crozzoli
Released with support from Koda Kultur

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