Daydreaming. Memories. Stillness. To be present in the moment. Glittering sunshine. Riding on a horse’s back towards the horizon. Imagining a butterfly, light as a feather – fragile, but free. Ripples on the lake. Springs. Rocks. 

Orsa’s debut-album consists of 13 improvised vignettes recorded in three completely different rooms – a kaleidoscope of short songs that cover a wide range of atmospheres, mixed by Jens Ramon. Named after the greek godess and the mother of the muses; ‘Mnemosyne’, is an ode to creativity. Through an intense focus and a strong imaginative power, the music is created in the now – no agreements beforehand. It is sensed magical. Almost occult. A caterpillar unfolding it’s wings. As the butterfly, the free improvisation is both light and playful, but also perishable and fragile.
















Foto: Julie Linder Hessellund

‘Mmenosyne” is celebrating both the creating force and the divine mother – the goddess, the powerful woman, or was she a witch? Orsa investigates the mystical; the irrational and the unforeseen. They glance across the universe, and practice a spiritual openness towards the life and the world, which we might need more than ever in the 2020s. Within the open and intense communication between two musicians, the notions of memory, experience and sensation is unfolded and recreated. You sense a nostalgia and a glimpse of melancholy – a longing. A human is molded by life through experiences – you get scars and obtain understanding – you build memories. Though, through expectation and joy, Orsa is also creating new stories, sights and abstractions – moods that transform and surprise – soundings which none of them could’ve imagined by their own. The duo setup is at times naked and sparce, while it, in other passages, is strongly manipulated, making the listener experience a communication which moves in waves, as if the universe was moving or expanding, marking the feeling of the endless and immersive.

Guitarist Alfred Lykke and saxophonist Maria Dybbroe has the timbre of steelworks and forgotten songs. As a duo they explore the span between the meagre and the explosive – the poetic and the abstract. They are each known especially from the band Iomfro, Caktus, Køs and Natlyst, and they have a strong collective love for free improvisation. The 7th of November their first single from the record ‘Nasturtier’ was released and the 7th of March you can hear the whole record on both vinyl and streaming.

20210807_Badesøen2021_fotosMaltheIvarsson_9824Foto: Malthe Ivarsson

Maria Dybbroe – alto saxophone
Alfred Lykke – guitar

Recorded in Jens Benz Studio in København, in Ærøskøbing Kirke and at the venue Tape in Aarhus.
Mix: Jens Ramon
Mastering: John Fomsgaard
Cover design: Julie Linder Hessellund
Released with support from Koda’s Kulturelle Midler
Released March 7, 2022

© Barefoot Records 2015