Henrik Olsson and Ola Rubin are two well acknowledged swedish improvisers active on the experimental/improv scene in Europe. Currently with a base in Copenhagen/Malmö where they are involved in several projects that frequently appears on the international scene. In this duo, they both immerse themselves in a hearty improvised musical dialogue that is full of energy and expressivity. They work their way towards the unheard by meticulously exploring mind-boggling sounds, rhythms and abstract sonic shapes, often rapidly shifting between these. Curiosity are at the core of this duos identity and their interplay is reactive and dynamic. They both utilizes a way of playing that takes advantage of extended techniques which they both developed on their respective instrument.

released November 22, 2019

Henrik Olsson: Electric Guitar
Ola Rubin: Trombone

Recorded by Peter Rossel Lademann at Panalama Recording Studio, Copenhagen
Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin
Cover artwork & layout design by Ola Rubin

© Barefoot Records 2015