Join a meditative journey through unknown landscapes from rainforest wilderness to mountain highlands, when you listen to Maraton’s debut-album. This 40 min cinematic ambient album has been a long trip in itself for the 4 musicians, both as a group and individually. They have created this music through improvised marathon-concerts, curated as different challenges from playing 9 hours straight, with no breaks, to playing 4 times 1 hour in 1 day. Four young strong voices on the Danish Music scene with very different backgrounds ranging from rock, hip hop to experimental free jazz, wanted to experience how this kind of physical and mental challenge would influence their creativity and music. In a love for intense musical moments and a continuously eager to search for unknown soundscapes, they created this band to explore new things in and outside themselves, and together as a group. Would they be able to leave their ego and come closer to transcending? Would they experience a stronger connection between them as musicians and people?

The sound of the album draws on inspiration from many different genres, artists and moods, and you wouldn’t necessarily think of free improvised music when you listen to the music for the first time, although this is exactly the method for how the album was created. Instead you could call it poetic ambient music in between acoustic well-known soundscapes and synthetic manipulation, with hints to sounds from outer space or the metaphysic worlds. Music which gives you the opportunity to let yourself dream away to unknown landscapes in a pair of headphones during a walk outside, or listening from the couch while it is played loud from a good sound system. To underline the cinematic potential, it is released as a CD in a DVD-cover and as a film poster, with cover art made by Tobias Holmbeck. Moreover it is also available for streaming.

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Release date: 13. May 2021

Christian Haase – synth, vocals
Maria Dybbroe – reeds, percussion vocals
Lasse Sonne – piano, synth vocals, drums
Jonathan Ludvigsen – drums, synth, samples, vocals

Recorded live at Lygten Station and Støberiet, and in the studio Vanløse 22A, Copenhagen.

Produced by Maraton
Mixed by: Lasse Sonne og Christian Haase
Mastering: Taylor Deupree, 12K Mastering
Cover design: Tobias Holmbeck
Photos: Cisser Mæhl and Bjørn Giessenbauer

Released with support from Danske Populær Autorer


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