The Four Seasons, the new album by Jeppe Zeeberg is out now on vinyl, CD, digital and streaming.

This is the third album by pianist and composer Jeppe Zeeberg released under his own name. The Four Seasons is a suite inspired by the changing seasons. The music is held within Zeeberg’s very personal eclectic style, frequently shifting between strict composition, free improvisation and field recordings.

After two acclaimed albums of music for an extended piano trio and two albums as co-leader of prize- winning Scandinavian septet Horse Orchestra, Zeeberg has turned his attention to completing this ambitious, concept-driven album. The album is divided into 8 parts, two for each season of the year. The musicians performing are some of the finest on the Scandinavian avant-garde scene (several of them also playing in Horse Orchestra), and they are divided into different constellations, varying from trio to nonet.

Jeppe Zeeberg says:
“This album is very much about cycles, and how everything repeats itself all the time. The different parts are not so much about depicting each season than about depicting how they constantly change, develop and start over. This is a very personal project for me: Every note is written by me, I am the producer, I made the cover art, I am co-owner of the record label. I have been working on this album for several years, and now it has finally found it’s finished form.”

Erik Kimestad Pedersen, trumpet
Lars Greve, saxophone, clarinet
Petter Hängsel, trombone
Kristian Tangvik, tuba
Henrik Olsson, guitar
Casper Nyvang Rask, bass
Rune Lohse, drums, percussion
Teis Søgaard, drums
Jonas Graverholt, percussion
Jeppe Zeeberg, piano, synth, organ

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