The record is made during an improvised session, where the three Finns are on a journey to find distinct songs and stories. Determined but open, songful but abstract, melancholic but playful — the music, alternating between and blending seemingly opposite qualities, has a vibe of the Finnish character.

 Markus Pesonen, Mikko Innanen and Mika Kallio played their first concert as a trio in the autumn of 2012 in Helsinki.
Innanen and Kallio have in fact played together as a duo and in various ensembles (Nuijamiehet, Gourmet, Mr. Fonebone, TUMO) since 1996 when they met at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Innanen met Pesonen in Copenhagen sometime in the mid-00’s after playing a concert with Delirium, a group Innanen co-founded in 1998 while being an exchange student at Copenhagen’s Rhythmic Music Conservatory. Pesonen, a Rhythmic Music Conservatory graduate, is a few years younger than his fellow Finns.
Their first meeting with Kallio was actually that of a teacher and a very promising student at the Savonia music school in Kuopio. They share a common background, both originating from Kuopio in Finland’s Savo region.

That’s the beginnings.
The present is now as sounds in your ears.
The future is in the making.

Mikko Innanen – alto & baritone saxophones
Markus Pesonen – guitar
Mika Kallio – drums

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