One “of the Danish autumns most interesting album releases” (…) ”Pleasant impressive and delightful uncontrollable compositions” (…) “The double basses walk heavy and dance dissonant at the same time. And the saxophones either follows each other harmonic and merge fingers, or run away from each other screaming”. Louise Rosengreen, Information, 11/9-20.

Watch and listen to the single “Stærk Strøm” w. video by Lilja Waehneldt:

Caktus’ music can be described as being in between fragility and strength – beauty and wildness – chamber music and grooves. Caktus is almost a double trio, with two double basses and two saxophones, and with this mirroring of the instruments and in the sound, it gives inspiration to also mirror, twist, wring and challenge themes and melodies. The group was founded in 2017 and with front-woman Maria Dybbroe, Caktus has already gained a lot of attention on the Danish Jazz scene, in Danish radio and during the Winter and Summer Jazz Festivals in Copenhagen and Aarhus. The music has an acoustic sound and contains an eager to experiment and improvise in and out from the compositions.

Under Solen is the debut release from Caktus – an ambitious full-length album released on vinyl containing 12 poems written for each of the 12 tracks, inspired by the music, and written by 12 different poets from different generations; Jens Kæmpe, TS Høeg, Pia Tafdrup a.o. Because it is instrumental music with no lyrics it has been interesting to let artists who work in the field of literature, interpret the music artistically in words, to create images and associations the listener can grab on to, and perhaps in that way help the listener to open up the listening experience of the music in a new way. The album is released digitally too, but you will only get the poems when buying the vinyl. The vinyl itself is transparent with dark smoke dancing over its surface, and it comes in a gatefold sleeve with artwork by Erlend Eggestad, where you find the 12 poems on the inside of the gatefold. On the green inner sleeve an extra poem is printed written by composer Maria Dybbroe, to explain and expand the album title.

Credit Julie Linder 0520

”Caktus. Two double basses leaning on the side. One drumkit. Alto saxophone in silver. One in gold… Silence rests outside… A fluttering fog honks in the horns and ’Strong Current’ breaks out in the drums and on the basses… Here are new roles for the instruments. The hierarchy has dissolved. One united orchestra. Not a solo, solos, the usual tour around. Instead just a passage for one instrument or two. Composition with the focus on the doubled instruments. It creates unique possibilities for sound and resonance.” (ref. Sonja LaBianca, Dagbladet Information, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, juli 2018)

Maria Dybbroe – saxophone
Zeki Jindyl – saxophone
Thorbjørn Kaas – double bass & cello
Frederik Hagner – double bass
Tobias Andreassen – drums

Poems by Signe Cygan, Pia Tafdrup, T.S. Høeg, Jens Erik Larsen, Tanja Schlander, Jens Kæmpe, Lasse Sonne, Jonatan Bak, Kristian Saarup, Lovis Bechmann, Sara Flindt and Christian Haase.

Compositions by Maria Dybbroe
Mix by Rasmus Juncker
Master by Taylor Deupree, 12K Mastering
Artwork by Erlend Eggestad
Recordings by Rasmus Juncker live at Christianshavns Beboerhus and in studio Vanløse 22A (2019), and by Jacob Worm in Finland Studio (2018).

Released with support from Musikpuljen Aarhus Kommune, DJBFA and Koda’s Cultural Funds.

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