Casper Hernández Cordes –

Since starting at the conservatory in 2001, Casper has been focusing on the relationship between prosody – the “music of language” – and sound as a means of expression. From working with score music (2001 – 2006) through interactive installations (2004 – 2009) he has during the last 4 – 5 been dedicated to giving all kinds of people the means of expressing themselves through sound. Through workshops, street performances, and interactive concerts, Casper has sought ways to engage all kinds of people in creative sound processes, seeking out ways to enhance the cultural glue of our collectives.
After a residency in Cali, Colombia in 2014, Casper realized that it made sense to start publishing albums: “I have been working almost exclusively with processes. In each of the projects, in the workshops, collaborations, street performances, etc., I have been working with a lot of different people. Each time, there has been a learning process for the participants. Maybe sometimes I am the one learning most. These learnings deserve a phase where we reflect upon them, a statement, a summing up. Does it make sense to only talk and write about them? I now feel the need to reflect – through sound – over what I have learned about cultural sustainability and building sound collectives.

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