Barefoot Records @ H15 – Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018

From theatrical noise-impro and brazil over fake ragtime, hip hop and freejazz to sound collages with references
to contemporary score music. Music collective and record label Barefoot Records consists of seven musicians
from the experimental part of Copenhagen’s jazz scene. At the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018,
the collective presents 23 widely different and explosive concerts at the newly opened venue H15 in
Copenhagens old meetpacking district

Each of Barefoot Records musicians has prepared a handful of concerts with constellations they themselves are
part of. Therefore, there are good reasons to expect 23 completely different concert experiences, all top level
performances with focus on improvisation. The week ends with a big common concert where all Barefoot
musicians perform together under the name Bigfoot.

It may sound challenging – which it is – but the newly opened venue H15 is the perfect setting to extend your
ears and musical understanding with a cold beer at hand.

The program also features a handful of international names like Rudi Mahall (Germany), Henrik Walsdorff
(Germany), Jacek Mazurkiewicz (Poland) and Paul Wacrenier (France).

Barefoot Records was founded in 2006 and was soon dubbed “One of the most interesting new labels in
Danish jazz” by AllAboutJazz. The collective consists of seven musicians from Denmark, Poland,
Norway and Sweden who, in addition to organizing concerts, also develop a steadily growing catalog
of so far 56 record releases.

The concerts are supported by Statens Kunstfond, DJBFA, JazzDanmark and Vesterbro Lokaludvalg.

Halmtorvet 15
1700 København V


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