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Nana Pi is a Copenhagen-based saxophone player, composer and conductor working mainly within the experimental jazz scene. She has an original sound on her horn using objects and extended techniques, which she constantly strives to go deeper into. She has developed Extemporize, a music sign language she uses in various constellations, but primarily as a conductor in the group Extemporize Orchestra. She plays in many different constellations with musicians like Akira Sakata, Kresten Osgood, Klaus Kürvers, Olaf Rupp, Steve Heather, Kasper Tom, Mia Dyberg, Asger Thomsen, Håkon Berre and the ad hoc group The Monday Band.

Current bands include:
Nezelhorns – Petter Hängsel, Erik Kimestad, Johannes Vaht, Kristoffer Rostedt
Nanchen 3,14 – Herman Müntzing, Knut Finsrud
Zeuthens Store Claus – Jesper Zeuthen, Henrik Pultz Melbye, Kristian Tangvik, Emil Palme, Tomo Jacobsson, Roberto Bordiga, Thomas Præstegaard
The Name Comes Later – Halym Kim, Aurelijus Užameckis, Eloi Calame
Extemporize Orchestra – Birgitte Lyregaard, Erik Kimestad, Ola Rubin, Maria Bertel, Kristian Tangvik, Signe Emmeluth, Maria Dybbroe, Henrik Pultz Melbye, Carolyn Goodwin, Henrik Olsson, Asger Thomsen, Petter Asbjørnsen, Cornelia Nilsson

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