ARTIST: Maria Faust Group
TITLE: Warrior Horse
LABEL: Barefoot Records 2010
ORIGIN: Denmark
RELEASE DATE: October 25th 2010

The music of Maria Faust is a mixture of many different styles drawing on the legacy of her Estonian roots,
rock, 20th century classical music and jazz with an emphasis on the band’s four horns. Her clever compositions
have a clear structure and their complexity does not obstruct the underlying romanticism of the music.
Her saxophone playing is sensitive and emotional, yet fearless and refrains from obvious clichés while featuring
a wide dynamic range. In July 2008 Maria Faust released her debut CD “Bitchslap Boogie”, which was followed by
the acclaimed “Warrior Horse” from 2010.
The band consists of Maria Faust (alto-saxophone), Lars Greve (saxophones), Sture Ericson (saxophones),
Tobias Wiklund (trumpet), Morten Pedersen (piano), Adam Pultz Melbye (double bass) and Håkon Berre (drums).

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