ARTIST: Casper Hernández Cordes
TITLE: Trabajos de movimiento
LABEL: Barefoot Records
STYLE: electroacoustic improvisation
ORIGIN: Colombia / Denmark
RELEASE DATE: January 8, 2015









Trabajos de movimiento, literally “works in/of movement,” is an album with nine “reflections” in sound based on the artist’s residency in Cali, Colombia, summer 2014.

“As a composer, the first thing I notice when coming to a new place is how it sounds. Cali has the same sounds as any bigger city in the world, but one thing that sets its soundscape aside is the sound of street vendors. There is a strong tradition for selling goods and services in the street. The vendors have a specific way of addressing the audience by singing or shouting their messages. During my two-month stay I examined the question of the unofficial work and its relation to culture, voice, sound and gesture. Through workshops for art students, street performances and a final exhibition at the art foundation Lugar a Dudas I made my own library of sounds and gestures. This album is a reflection upon the learnings from my stay, mixing ambient sound (e.g. track 2, “Limpia Telarañas”) with sounds and gestures from collective improvisations (e.g. track 4, “Takatakatakangogo”) and improvisations based on the prosody of street vendors (e.g. “Pregonero simpático I-III”).”

Track listing:

  1. Pregonero simpático I
  2. Limpia telarañas
  3. Caligenerado
  4. Takatakatakangogo
  5. Pregonero simpático II
  6. Strawprovisation
  7. Aguacate a mil pesos
  8. Champusizacionismos
  9. Pregonero simpático III
© Barefoot Records 2015