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Thou Sonic Friend: Cinemateria

Artist: Thou Sonic Friend

Title: Cinemateria

Format: Vinyl, Digital

Catalogue no.: BFREC063LP

Barcode: 5707471064795

Label: Barefoot Records

Style: Jazz/Improvisation

Origin: Denmark

Release date: 15.10.19

Cinemateria is a radical and profound musical response to the depravities and delights the members of Thou Sonic Friend see all around them, have encountered in art, or experienced through their imaginations, refracted through a kaleidosonic medium of their own creation.

Considering the backgrounds of the musicians involved and their wide musical & cultural interests, as well as the collective and improvisational nature of their music-making, this could – reductively – be described as an eclectic work of jazz-based contemporary music. However, it’s much more style-, genre-, and artform-defying than that.

The music is at times cartoonishly playful – incorporating all kinds of sounds, at others theatrically profound, and at still others movingly intimate, but it always disrupts one’s expectations and sense of music and of the world; making them new, as true art should.

The interaction and improvisation on Cinemateria is remarkably dialogic, including interruptions, digressions, agreement and dispute, consequently moulding the – quite different sounds and timbres of the three musicians – into one voice.

The music on Cinemateria does not fit in a formerly described box of any stylistic kind. As vocalist Birgitte Lyregaard puts it: “We worked with extended techniques to create soundscapes on the album, but we don’t resist conventional harmony – whenever the moment demands it, we’re happy to fold these sounds into a song, improvised on the spot. I think that even for the hardcore improvisation listeners, this album will surprise”.

Simply put: Cinemateria is cinematic. While Lyregaard’s vocal is often centre-frame, it is sometimes more voice as musical instrument in fact, scene-making with clarinet and guitar and percussion, than as carrier of words. Words are important in this album, though, featuring at different times spoken, poetically charged, and theatrically delivered, but they are never enough. Like the settings, angles, lighting and other characters in a film, Goodwin’s clarinets and Tinning’s guitar share in the story telling.

Appropriately, the first track on the album is set amidst the hustle and bustle, the to-ing and fro-ing, of Amsterdam’s Central Station, a departure point for the listener’s imagination to travel somewhere new.

Thou Sonic Friend are: Carolyn Goodwin (clarinet, bass clarinet, voice)

Birgitte Lyregaard (vocals, percussion, objects)

Peter Tinning (guitar, effects)

Irish born and Copenhagen based Carolyn Goodwin has traversed many disciplines as a performer, composer and creative artist, including opera, theatre, alt-pop and jazz, as well as the fields of contemporary and improvised music. She has worked with composers such as Steve Reich and Hayden Chisholm, as well as contemporary music groups KIMI and Crash Ensemble. She has toured in Europe and North America with American band Bon Iver and Irish band Fred. Carolyn has been artist in residence at Laboratorio Artistico de San Agustin in Cuba, and in Mandagsklubben 5E in Copenhagen. Other projects include trio We Go Where We Go with Spencer Gross and Lars Emil Madsen, Irish alt-folk band Clang Sayne and Extemporize Orchestra, a supergroup of Scandinavian improvisers.

A master of jazz vocal from the conservatories of The Hague and Rotterdam (Jeanne Lee, Rachel Gould), Birgitte Lyergaard has worked as a performer in the field of jazz, improv, theatre and storytelling since the late nineties and has performed/recorded with Alain Jean-Marie, Brice Soniano, Toma Gouband, Jean-Jacques Birgé, Lotte Anker, Hein van de Geyn, Alexandra Grimal, Manja Ristic, as well as releasing 4 albums in her own name. Current musical projects include Følfod  with Finnish vocalist, Johanna  Sulkunen and German pianist, Julius Windisch, a trio with Axel Dörner (trumpet) and Marthe Lea (sax), a duo with guitar/electronic composer Jørgen Teller, as well as being a member of Extemporize Orchestra, led by Nana Pi Aabo Larsen.

Guitarist Peter Tinning performs and records with various ensembles and artists internationally, composing music for many of the collaborations. His main focus of the last few years has been on improvisation versus strictly composed music. He has performed with a.o. Kresten Osgood, Scott McLemore, Brice Soniano, Rune Lohse, Rune Kielsgaard and Lee Ranaldo. Even though Tinning is trained as a jazz musician he often works with classical musicians and composers  (a.o. Simon Steen-Andersen, Jakob Kullberg, Eivind Buene), authors (Jens Blendstrup, Majse Aymo-Boot), and artists (Karl Stampes).

“One of the most interesting new labels in Danish jazz.”

That is how the American magazine All About Jazz describes Copenhagen-based Barefoot Records — a musician-run collective and record label, consisting of artists from Denmark, Norway and Poland. Originality and artistic integrity are keywords in the catalogue of 60 critically acclaimed releases of the label that, instead of sticking to any specific genre, takes musical gut feeling as its guiding force.

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