The Eskimo and the Futile Guilt — Heat

album coverArtist:The Eskimo and the Futile Guilt
Catalogue no.: BFREC042
Barcode: 5707471040249
Label: Barefoot Records
Style: jazz/improvisation
Origin: Denmark
Release date: 22.06.2015


“Making a little music does not help us in these difficult times,” a politically committed fellow citizen told me the other day.

Well… when you listen to each other, support and leave room, when the creative process is more important than the pride of each individual and you pull together in the same direction, I believe you have reached a point at which politics has often failed.

The Eskimo and the Futile Guilt explores music making through improvising. A spontaneous, creative process.

Track listing

1 Zeitzone
2 Herman Schulz
3 Miss Hecker

Line-up and credits

Johannes Schleiermacher — saxophone
Kalle Zeier — guitar
Kasper Tom — drums

Recorded live by Johannes Schleiermacher on a 4-track cassette recorder during live performances around Berlin on February 5–8, 2014. Cover photo and cover art by Johannes Schleiermacher.

© Barefoot Records 2015