Jeppe Zeeberg — Riding on the Boogie Woogie of Life

043 Riding on the Boogie Woogie of LifeArtist: Jeppe Zeeberg
Title: Riding on the Boogie Woogie of Life
Format: LP, digital
Catalogue no.: BFREC043LP
Barcode: 5707471040287
Label: Barefoot Records
Style: experimental
Origin: Denmark
Release date: 03.08.2015


This is the first release after Jeppe Zeeberg’s award-winning debut album It’s The Most Basic Thing You Can Do on a Boat (2014). Again Zeeberg’s music draws on several musical genres from baroque through traditional jazz to classical avant-garde. The compositions are arranged for a double trio consisting of two bassists and two drummers as well as the band leader himself on miscellaneous keyboard instruments. All musicians come from the Copenhagen and Berlin scenes for improvised music.

Zeeberg’s music consists of a personal, complex mixture of open improvisation and composition. This is an uncompromising release but presented in a humorous and playful way. The music unfolds in a very lively and constantly changing, sonic landscape where all participants may join with new initiatives at any time – all kept within Zeeberg’s characteristic and experimental style.

The release may be seen as a follow-up to It’s The Most Basic Thing You Can Do On A Boat, which was regarded by many critics as a convincing proposal for how contemporary music may sound in 2014. The line-ups are the same on both albums, yet this time the music has a more massive sound and focuses more on solo piano. Zeeberg’s compositions and the personal musicians make a chaotic but homogenic sound.

Jeppe Zeeberg was born in 1988 and is active in several Copenhagen-based bands like Horse Orchestra and Dødens Garderobe as well as being a part of the musician-run label Barefoot Records.

Track listing

1 A Machine You Should Have Patented
2 Die Wahrheit
3 Still Life With Flowers
4 Riding On The Boogie Woogie Of Life (Part I)
5 Still Life Without Flowers
6 In Medias Res
7 Christmas In Brown And Grey
8 Riding On The Boogie Woogie Of Life (Part II)

Line-up and credits

Jeppe Zeeberg – piano, spinet, organ, synthesizer
Casper Nyvang Rask – double bass
Adam Pultz Melbye – double bass
Håkon Berre – drums, percussion
Rune Lohse – drums, percussion

Recording and mix by Jonas Graverholt, March-April 2015. Master by John Fomsgaard. All compositions and artwork by Jeppe Zeeberg. Produced by Jeppe Zeeberg.

© Barefoot Records 2015