The Mighty Mouse: Or the man from the river

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ARTIST: The Mighty Mouse
TITLE: Or the man from the river
FORMAT: LP, digital

BARCODE: 5706274009521

LABEL: Barefoot Records
STYLE: Modern Nordic jazz
ORIGIN: Denmark

RELEASE DATE: June 25th 2018

The Mighty Mouse is a modern Nordic piano trio. The band has existed since 2005 and is led by the Danish pianist, Morten Pedersen.

The music has a calm and clear vibe, with a unique Nordic sound. There is an open and high spirited approach to the music. Clear melodies and open improvisations, melting together in an organic and natural way. Some of the tracks are melodic statements without any improvisation. Like songs without words.

The influences are many, but legendary trios with Bobo Stenson and Paul Bley, have had their influence on the approach to the music and sound of The Mighty Mouse.

Throughout the years, the band has had a wide range of successful tours all around Germany, Denmark, Poland and Sweden and released two acclaimed records on Barefoot Records.

Track listing

1. Meet the guru (5:21)
2. In spades (4:46)
3. Home of the not so brave (4:04)
4. What was left of a folk song (4:38)
5. A silly animal with H (1:35)
6. No. 8 (5:22)
7. Panda parade (3:09)
8. The long game (2:44)

Total: (31:45)

Line-up & credits

Morten Pedersen (DK) – Piano
Thommy Andersson (SE) – Double bass
Håkon Berre (NO) – Drums

Recording: Bjørn Gjessing
Mix & master: John Fomsgaard (Karmacrew)
Cover: Håkon Berre

© Barefoot Records 2015