Kasper Tom / Rudi Mahall: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure


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Artist: Kasper Tom / Rudi Mahall
Title: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure
Format: CD, digital
Catalogue no.: BFREC050CD
Barcode: 5707471045640
Label: Barefoot Records
Style: jazz/improvisation
Origin: Denmark
Release date: 04.07.16




Rudi Mahall is a legendary figure on the international jazz/avantgarde scene and he has gained a reputation as one the great European improvisors and a unique communicator on the bass clarinet.
Over the past few years, Kasper Tom has made his name on the European improv- and advantgarde-scene. Kasper’s playing draws inspiration from modern music, but is also imbued with a great deal of tradition and a unique sense of melody.
After numerous acclaimed releases together in various groups, Mahall and Tom now team up for this duo recording that features 9 intriguing pieces.

Track listing

1. Here we go
2. Totart
3. Drummer Queen
4. Frühaufsteher
5. Die Flexitarier
6. Halbes Publikum
7. An der dünnen grauen Odense Å
8. Lodz
9. Here we go again

Line-up and credits

Kasper Tom    drums
Rudi Mahall    clarinet + bass clarinet
Recorded and mixed by Anders Ørbæk
Mastered by Christian Betz
Cover by Sven Dam Meinild

© Barefoot Records 2015