Jeppe Zeeberg & Rune Lohse — Music Made in One Day

047 Music Made in One DayArtist: Jeppe Zeeberg & Rune Lohse
Title: Music Made in One Day
Format: digital, postcard
Catalogue no.: BFREC047
Barcode: 5707471043578
Label: Barefoot Records
Style: experimental/improvisation
Origin: Denmark
Release date: 26.10.2015


Music Made in One Day is a snapshot of Jeppe Zeeberg’s and Rune Lohse’s work as improvising musicians. Zeeberg (born 1988) and Lohse (born 1983) have played together in several contexts in the last seven years, including the ensembles Dødens Garderobe and Horse Orchestra and numerous constellations based on free improvisation.

Music Made in One Day is a documentation of the current state of Zeeberg’s and Lohse’s playing in 2015. All recordings are made in one day. The album is only released online.

The release consists exclusively of improvisations, and it is therefore a break from the rest of Jeppe Zeeberg’s catalogue as a composer and bandleader.

Jeppe Zeeberg (b. 1988) is a Danish pianist and composer. He has released two albums in his own name, and works with the groups Horse Orchestra, Dødens Garderobe, and Kresten Osgood Quintet.

Rune Lohse (b. 1983) is a Danish drummer in the bands The Hum, Dødens Garderobe, GNOM, and Horse Orchestra. He is recording his own music under the name Memo.

Track listing

1 Dawn
2 10:45 AM
3 Noon
4 Coffee Break
5 4:34 PM
6 Good Evening
7 Midnight

Line-up and credits

Jeppe Zeeberg – piano, prepared piano
Rune Lohse – drums, percussion

Recording, mix and master by Michael Fischerson

© Barefoot Records 2015