ARTIST: Maria Faust
TITLE: Maria Faust Sacrum Facere
BARCODE: 5707471033128
LABEL: Barefoot Records 2014
STYLE: Third Stream/Jazz/Chamber
ORIGIN: Denmark/Estonia
RELEASEDATE: April 14th 2014




Maria Faust (born 1979) is an Estonian saxophone player and composer living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Faust is best known in the fields of third stream jazz, modern big band music, improvised music and other alternative styles. She is a member and co-founder of the musical collective and record label Barefoot Records (founded 2006).

Her latest project, Maria Faust Sacrum Facere, is a song cycle written for brass ensemble, three woodwinds, prepared piano and kannel (an Estonian folk harp played by plucking strings with the fingers). The music is inspired by Estonian folklore and runo singing that comes from the Setu region, close to the Russian border. The movements in the cycle are written specifically for the musicians in the group, catering to their unique and individual voices on their instruments.

Sacrum Facere can be described as a synthesis of two of Faust’s passions: classical composition and free improvisation. She began her musical education studying classical conducting at the Academy of Music in Tallinn before relocating to Denmark in 2002 to study jazz saxophone and improvisation. Rather than go in one direction or the other, she has created a language that combines both worlds. She has experimented with and innovated new techniques in both composing and arranging.

In 2013, Maria was nominated as “Composer of the Year” at the Danish Music Awards, and her album Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe received nominations for “Jazz Album of the Year” and “Best Cover Art” at the Estonian Music Awards.

 Line up:
Maria Faust (EST)- alto sax/clarinet/voice;

Francesco Bigoni (IT)- clarinet
Ned Ferm (USA)- tenor sax/clarinet; Emanuele Maniscalco (IT)- piano
Kristi Mühling (EST)- kannel;
Tobias Wiklund (SE) – trumpet
Mads Hyhne (DK)- trombone; Daniel Herskedal (NO) -tuba



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