Jeppe Zeeberg It's...  copyARTIST: Jeppe Zeeberg
TITLE: It’s The Most Basic Thing You Can Do On A Boat
BARCODE: 5707471033395
LABEL: Barefoot Records
STYLE: Modern jazz/avant-garde
RELEASEDATE: May 5th 2014



This is the Danish pianist and composer Jeppe Zeeberg’s first release in his own name. Jeppe Zeeberg is a rising star on the Danish avant-garde jazz scene and he has recently received the prestigious Léone Sonning Music Award Scholarship. He is known from groups like Dødens Garderobe and Bird Alert, and now time has come for the young, uncompromising musician to stand on his own two feet and present a very personal type of modern jazz.
He does so using an “expanded” piano trio with two double basses and two drummers. This orchestra contains some of the most vital improvisers on the Copenhagen avant-garde jazz scene. The music combines composition and free improvisation. Zeeberg composes using the notion that all genres may be combined as long as they are held together by a strong personal style. Therefore the music may be inspired by anything from traditional jazz through Monk and Ellington to hiphop and classical avant-garde a la Feldman and Varèse.
Zeeberg’s music is an uncompromising proposal for how todays’ modern jazz may sound. The entire album does not feature a single regular solo. The music is too complex for that. But the music unfolds in a very alive and constantly changing, sonic landscape where all participants may join with new initiatives at any time – all held within Zeeberg’s humorous and experimental style.

1 Excursions
2 The Best Chinese Food Eat In Or Take Out
3 Potentially Hazardous Objects
4 For Joseph Byrd
5 It’s The Most Basic Thing You Can Do On A Boat 6 A Regular Guy
7 Wurst Käse Scenario

Jeppe Zeeberg – piano
Casper Nyvang Rask – double bass
Adam Pultz Melbye – double bass
Håkon Berre – drums
Rune Lohse – drums

Recorded by Michael Fischerson, December 2013. Mixed and mastered by Jonas Graverholt, January 2014.
All compositions and artwork by Jeppe Zeeberg. Produced by Jeppe Zeeberg.

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