horseARTIST: Horse Orchestra
TITLE: Living The Dream
BARCODE: 5707471033005, 5707471046050
LABEL: Barefoot Records
STYLE: Modern jazz/traditional jazz
RELEASE DATE: LP: September 22 2014, CD: June 6 2016





This is the first release from the Danish/Norwegian/Swedish/Icelandic septet Horse Orchestra that has been making noises in the Copenhagen jazz underground for about four years. The album was recorded at a live concert in Copenhagen in the winter of 2014.

Horse Orchestra is a spectacular band on the modern Nordic jazz scene as the members succeed in combining elements from different parts of the history of jazz with boundary-pushing experiments and free improvisation. Classical compositions from 1920’s New Orleans and Chicago meet 1960’s free jazz (with detours to all sorts of musical movements such as baroque music) and creates an original, humorous, post-modern style, which is a rarity on the Nordic jazz scene.

Originally the members of the ensemble met while studying on the Rhythmic Music Conservatorium in Copenhagen, and they quickly developed the unique reckless attitude that has become characteristic for the orchestra since then. The band is a testimonial to a new generation in Nordic jazz that respects music history as well as tries to bring jazz to new heights.

Even before forming Horse Orchestra, the seven musicians worked together in several constellations. Rune Lohse (DK), Petter Hängsel (S), and Kristian Tangvik (N) are known from the trio GNOM, and Jeppe Zeeberg (DK), Nicolai Kaas Claesson (DK), and Rune Lohse (DK) run the trio Dødens Garderobe (album release with John Tchicai in 2012). The Norwegian trumpet player Erik Kimestad is already a cult figure on Copenhagen’s jazz scene, and the Islandic saxophonist Ingimar Andersen is one of Island’s young jazz hopes. Jeppe Zeeberg has already received much praise for his solo career and was given the prestigious Léonie Sonning Music Award Scholarship.

As the seven band members represent almost all the Nordic countries, the band is an interesting proposal for how modern Nordic jazz may sound. The orchestra has been playing in both Denmark, Norway, Germany and Island for enthusiastic audiences.


Erik Kimestad – trumpet, Ingimar Andersen – saxophone, Petter Hängsel – trombone, Kristian Tangvik – tuba
Jeppe Zeeberg – piano, Nicolai Kaas Claesson – bass, Rune Lohse – drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jonas Graverholt, February-April 2014. Artwork by Jeppe Zeeberg.


1) 2 (hängsel)
2) Doctor Jazz (king oliver/zeeberg)
3) 3 (hängsel)
4) Everything Is Relative – You’re An Idiot (zeeberg)
5) Erbarm Dich Mein, O Herre Gott (j. s. bach/zeeberg)
6) Nackte Frau Mit Brille (zeeberg)
7) Voice Audition (claesson)
8) Perk (hängsel)
9) 90 (claesson)

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