ARTIST: Henrik Walsdorff/Adam Pultz Melbye/Kasper Tom
BARCODE: 5707471027547
LABEL: Barefoot Records
STYLE: Free Jazz
ORIGIN: Denmark
RELEASEDATE: Jan 21st 2013

Recorded live at the jazz club Dexter in Odense, Denmark, Grøn is a documentation of the music that developed between German saxophone player Henrik Walsdorff and the Danish musicians, bassist Adam Pultz Melbye and drummer Kasper Tom Christiansen on a three-concert tour in June 2013. The CD is the complete and unedited performance, amounting to almost 76 minutes of music.

Grøn (Danish for green) is rooted in the tradition of collective improvisation with Walsdorff’s boppish melody lines while Melbye and Tom’s use of free meters and rubato playing propels the music forward. The trio hitches a ride on a wave of energy that enables the three to draw on their wide experience with improvised music to create a sound scape where jazz, improv and spectrality melt into a single whole.

Berlin-based Henrik Walsdorff is a member of Alexander Von Schlippenbach’s Globe Unity Orchestra. Kasper Tom and Adam Pultz Melbye are both members of the Danish label and collective Barefoot Records. The three musicians have performed with legendary improvisers from across the world.


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