ARTIST: Pistol Nr. 9
TITLE: Fest på Amager
BARCODE: 5707471026915
LABEL: Barefoot Records 2012
STYLE: Improvisation
ORIGIN: Denmark
RELEASE DATE: November 5th 2012

Pistol Nr. 9 is an electro-acoustic improv group consisting of five female musicians hailing from Denmark,
Sweden and Estonia. The music of the quintet is both wild and full of contrasts – with a great dynamic range –
as well as elegant and minimalist.
The group’s characteristic and unique sound is created by electronic instruments, distorted vocal and trombone
mixed with acoustic drums, saxophone and clarinet. In a fragmented world Pistol Nr. 9 manages to create
music from chaos, melodies from noise – and always in an atmosphere of curiosity and in a search for other
roads to travel than the conventional.

Line up:
Maria Faust: Alto saxophone/clarinet (EST)

Maria Bertel: Trombone (DK)
Qarin Wikstrøm: Omnichord/voice (SE)
Katrine Amsler: Micro guitar/elekronics (DK)
Michala Østergaard-Nielsen: Drums (DK)


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