Ericson/Nästesjö/Berre — Ausfahrt Freihalten!

058 Ausfahrt FreihaltenArtist: Ericson/Nästesjö/Berre

Title: Ausfahrt Freihalten!

Format : CD BFREC058CD

Barcode: 5706274010022

Label: Barefoot Records

Country: Danmark

Release date: 11/03/2019

With 9 international tours over the last four years and concerts at Copenhagen Jazz Festival, BlowOut in Oslo and Fem Jazz Festival in Banyoles, the trio Ericson/Nästesjö/Berre has begun to attract attention around Scandinavia and Europe. The group consists of Sture Ericson (SE) – saxophones and clarinet, Johannes Nästesjö (SE) – bass and Håkon Berre (NO) – drums. Ericson and Berre, both based in Copenhagen, have worked together in different constellations in recent years, e.g. the Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe. In the autumn of 2014, they met bassist Johannes Nästesjö from Malmö and formed the trio ENB. Based on saxophone, clarinet, bass and drums, as well as various objects and preparations, the trio explores different aspects of free improvisation. This has resulted in a varied soundscape with a wide range of influences ranging from improvisations focusing on tonal textures, to pitch-related linear playing with relations to the free jazz- and jazz tradition.

The trio’s debut-CD “Ausfahrt Freihalten” is released on the Danish label Barefoot Records on March 11th. The recording is an honest snapshot of the trio’s performance at the Inter Arts Center in Malmö in November 2017 and consists of 43 minutes of pure improvised music. The

release will be marked with 12th-17th 2019.

a week-long tour through Poland and Germany during March

Line-up and credits

Sture Ericson (SE) – saxophones Johannes Nästesjö (DK) – bass Håkon Berre (NO) – drums

Mix by Jakob Riis Master by Jakob Riis

Cover design by Håkon Berre Produced by Ericson/Nästesjö/Berre


1 Entlang
2 Neben
3 Gegenüber 4 Während
5 Zwischen 6 Anstatt
7 Hinter
8 Durch


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