Jeppe Zeeberg – Eight Seemingly Unrelated Pieces of Piano Music


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ARTIST: Jeppe Zeeberg
TITLE: Eight Seemingly Unrelated Pieces of Piano Music
BARCODE: 5707471057285 / 570747107292
LABEL: Barefoot Records
RELEASE DATE: September 17th 2018


Danish pianist/composer Jeppe Zeeberg’s latest album, The Four Seasons, dealt with time. This album deals with space, how different spaces change performances. The music was recorded on different pianos, in different rooms, on three different continents. The album is a collage of recordings from travels, and the listener is constantly transported from one location to another.

This is Zeeberg’s take on a solo piano album. In his own words:

In my view, solo piano albums often have a tendency of repetitiveness. This is often a consequence of the music being recorded on one single piano over the course of a few hours. My album consists of various different keyboard instruments, with different tunings, recorded in fundamentally different situations over many months. The keyboards are often accompanied by other instruments and sounds, but every track is built around one specific piano improvisation or etude. This is why I still allow myself to call it a solo piano album. The worst crime a musician can commit is to make a boring album. I have really tried to avoid doing that.

Eight Seemingly Unrelated Pieces of Piano Music is a collage of piano pieces, and like Zeeberg’s earlier albums an eclectic mix of genres. It was recorded live as well as in the studio – on grand piano over church organ to the upright piano in Zeeberg’s private study. Some sections are thoroughly composed and produced, others are stripped down improvisations.

A modern take on a solo piano album, with respect for traditions and less respect for conventions.


1) Overture (Departure)
2) Common Sense Was Never Common
3) Untitled
4) A Regular Guy in Japan
5) Home Seen From Elsewhere
6) Let’s Go Commercial
7) Lawrence Ferlinghetti is 99 Years Old
8) Going to Church


Jeppe Zeeberg: pianos, synth, pipe organ, percussion, electronic percussion.
All performances, compositions, improvisations and artwork by Jeppe Zeeberg.

Sounds and music recorded in Berlin, Copenhagen, Dresden, New York, Sønderho and Tokyo. Recordings by Randy Thaler, Thomas Ring-Knudsen, Jonas Graverholt and Jeppe Zeeberg. Mix & master: Jonas Graverholt.

Produced by Jeppe Zeeberg

Released with support from The Danish Arts Council, Dansk Artist Forbund, Dansk Skuespillerforbund and DJBFA.

© Barefoot Records 2015