ARTIST: Dødens Garderobe
TITLE: feat. John Tchicai
BARCODE: 5707471026601
LABEL: Barefoot Records
STYLE: Modern Jazz
ORIGIN: Denmark
RELEASEDATE: October 22nd 2012

This is the first release from Danish free jazz trio Dødens Garderobe.
The CD consists of compositons by the trio in collaboration with danish saxophone legend John Tchicai
as well as improvisations by the trio on their own.

The music featuring Dødens Garderobe and Tchicai comes from a live concert in Copenhagen in early 2011
and is a unique example of an old master inspiring young musicians and vice versa.

The tracks which feature Dødens Garderobe as a trio show a very modern and uncompromising approach to improvised music.

The music is recorded shortly before John Tchicai passed away in october 2012 and shows a true master
of improvised music who was active and expressive to the very end.

Jeppe Zeeberg – piano
Nicolai Kaas Claesson – bass
Rune Lohse – drums
John Tchicai – saxophone



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