ARTIST: Bird Alert
TITLE: Bring Forth Your Flowers And Machinery
LABEL: Barefoot Records
STYLE: Pop/experimental
ORIGIN: Denmark
RELEASEDATE: February 4th 2013

After four years of concert activities and style-refining the Copenhagen-based trio Bird Alert is now
ready to release their debut album.

Bird Alert’s music lives in an auditive landscape of musical experiments as well as catchy
(though quirky) pop tunes.

The album’s first single Tincture is a cool retro-sounding song with elements of free improvisation.
Other tracks on the record are emotional and often mysterious.

Listening to Bird Alert is like taking a trip into a strange yet beautiful world.
Nice-sounding and always fascinating.

Anja T. Lahrmann – vocal, guitar etc.

Jeppe Zeeberg – piano, synth, guitar etc.
Teis Søgaard – drums, percussion etc.




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