ARTIST: Han Bennink – Jaak Sooäär
TITLE: Beach Party
BARCODE: 5707471029374
LABEL: Barefoot Records
STYLE: Modern Jazz
ORIGIN: Denmark
RELEASEDATE: April 22nd, 2013

Dutch drummer legend Han Bennink and Estonian guitar wizard Jaak Sooäär join forces on joyfully hard
swinging “Beach Party”. The album is recorded live in March 2012 and the track list contains dynamic
improvisations on jazz standards “On The Sunny Side Of The Street”, “I Got Rhythm”, “O Sole Mio”
and “Darn That Dream”, “Pannonica” by Thelonius Monk, “Hypochristutreefuzz” by Misha Mengelberg,
an original composition “Beach Party” by Jaak Sooäär and two Estonian evergreens “Tartu marss” and
“Pistoda laul”. Rhythm, energy and melody are the keywords of this music.

Line up:
Han Bennink – drums
Jaak Sooäär – electric guitar

Selected Reviews
“This live meeting between seasoned Dutch jack-in-the-box drummer, Han Bennink, and the younger Estonian guitarist,
Jaak Sooäär fairly sizzles with bonhomie, joie de vivre and honest-to-goodness fun.
It’s based in a simple premise, too: start with some improv, find Your way into a classic tune – “I Got Rhythm” or
“On the Sunny Side Of The Street” – jam it through, and end with spontaneous panache. In the hands of these two virtuosi,
it’s a formula that yields almost infinite delight. Sooäär is comfortable negotiating a range of improv strategies – from ethereal
wafts and weird space-echo effects to gnarled fusion/metal shredding – but, once in the melody, he sticks largely to taut jazz licks,
with just a hint of twanging rock’n’roll. Bennink is clearly having an absolute blast, demonstrating his formidable brushwork
technique, diving headlong into old-fashioned “fours” and loudly whooping with surprised delight as each tune unfolds before
his eyes. It’s the sound of exuberant joy.” (Daniel Spicer, Jazzwise Magazin August, 2013)

“Estonian guitarist Jaak Sooäär knew his man, meeting Han for two nights (in Tallinn and Tartu) that March.
They’d worked together some, going back at least to a 2003 trio with saxophonist Mikko Innanen (documented on TUM).
On most tracks, the duo improvises on open terrain before a tune breaks out: a Tartu march, “On the Sunny Side of the Street,
” Misha’s “Hypochristmutreefuzz” (taking Han all the way back to Dolphy’s Last Date), “O Sole Mio” à la mandolin.
Sooäär’s solid-body work is part Ed Bickert translucent jazzing, part Pete Townsend Live at Leeds – the raunchy timbre,
rocky momentum and crack timing – and a smidge of Dick Dale. (The title’s a tell.) And there are ballads: “Pannonica”
and “Darn That Dream,” where Bennink lays down a cushion under single-note lines.
Uptempo, Sooäär rides Han’s wave like that Fender’s a surfboard. The repertoire’s an oddly satisfying mix,
and ignites Han like a butane lighter. When Sooäär starts romping on “I Got Rhythm” like Charlie Christian at Minton’s,
Han threatens to put his brushes clear through both snare heads; he follows up with his own solo on same melody, with sticks.
It helps when everyone knows their history. Sooäär ranges from Gershwin to the garage, with the door up to annoy the neighbors.
How many guitarists know “Hypochristmutreefuzz”?” (Kevin Whitehead,

“Titlen Beach Party kan tages helt bogstaveligt. For nok er det freejazz som Bennink er kendt for. Her er han i stedet gået den
smittende og swingende vej. Beach Party er en udadvendt plade sprængfyldt med godt humør. Den er et festligt bekendtskab,
der holder hele vejen. ” (Niels Overgård,

“Heerlijke improvisaties waar de lol vanaf spat’ Herman te Loo”

“I ten puls swingu jest w każdej chwilce wyczuwalny a Jaak Sooaar udowadnia jak znakomicie posługuje się nie tylko
przesterowanymi brzmieniami i przetwornikami, ale i klasycznymi jazzowymi technikami. Gdy trzeba bowiem gitara jego
brzmi niczym instrument w rękach – bez mała – Wesa Montgomery’ego. Słychać jednak u niego i rockowe wpływy,
a gdy chce wydobędzie z niej i radosne dźwięki na miarę Mike Oldfielda. A Bennink? Niezwykły jak zawsze.
I jak zwykle jest tu wulkanem energii. To płyta, którą kolejny raz udowadnia, że muzyka jest jedna a wszelkie stylistyczne
szufladki po prostu nie mają sensu. Piękne nagranie!” (



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