Nana Pi Aabo-Kim

Nana Pi Aabo-Kim is a saxophonist, composer and conductor from Copenhagen who mainly works within the experimental jazz scene. She has developed her own unique vocabulary on the saxophone using objects and extended techniques. In addition to playing the saxophone, she is known for conducting improvisation with her music sign language “Extemporize”, for which she received the P8 Jazz Award “Årets Ildsjæl” in 2020. Her latest release with “Tactical Maybe” (Barefoot Records, 2022) has received reviews such as “If anyone is wondering what exciting free jazz in 2022 is, just open your ears and your other senses to Tactical Maybe – they sure have served up something that could be the answer to that very question.” – Tor Hammerø. In 2021, her quintet “Nezelhorns” was nominated for “Jazz Release of the Year” at “DMA Jazz” for their release “Sentiment” (Barefoot Records, 2021).

Current bands include:
Nezelhorns – Petter Hängsel, Erik Kimestad, Johannes Vaht, Kristoffer Rostedt
Nanchen 3,14 – Herman Müntzing, Knut Finsrud
Zeuthens Store Claus – Jesper Zeuthen, Henrik Pultz Melbye, Kristian Tangvik, Emil Palme, Tomo Jacobsson, Roberto Bordiga, Thomas Præstegaard
The Name Comes Later – Halym Kim, Aurelijus Užameckis, Eloi Calame
Extemporize Orchestra – Birgitte Lyregaard, Erik Kimestad, Ola Rubin, Maria Bertel, Kristian Tangvik, Signe Emmeluth, Maria Dybbroe, Henrik Pultz Melbye, Carolyn Goodwin, Henrik Olsson, Asger Thomsen, Petter Asbjørnsen, Cornelia Nilsson